Our approach drives business outcomes

We quantify business opportunities, define technology solutions, and deliver outcomes that drive business value.

Business context first

We're driven to understand a problem within the context of the business, which makes for better technology solutions and business outcomes.

Patterns drive efficiency

We use the right technology in a rational way, preferring modern patterns that increase interoperability and avoid ecosystem lock-in.

Process that assures delivery

With hundreds of enterprise-scale projects under our belt, our structured process minimises risk through during delivery.

The best tools

We put tools through our own “enterprise ready” filter. If we think they fit, we partner to create a tight-knit relationship that delivers for customers.

Scale drives efficiency, to get there you need systems and processes that handle peak throughput without bowing to monolithic software vendors.

By understanding the context of your business, your timing, investment, people and technology work hand in hand to power your growth.

Our architects are experienced in right-sizing technology platforms to scale in budget and throughput as you grow.

We find our customers in a post "Digital Transformation" world. Now, it's a given that any business change involves software. For over 18 years Practiv has been helping businesses take advantage of changes in technology. We're particularly experienced integrating marketing engagement and automation, B2B systems to CRM and ERP.

Let's talk through your strategy? How we can help you drive business change faster?

Any cloud migration should take advantage of increased availability, scalability, performance, integration and big-data insights that drive real impacts on cashflow and your ability to scale.

Practiv Enterprise Architects have been building cloud-services for over 13 years. We can work with you to drive performance improvements and business change that take advantage of everything cloud-migration has to offer.

Our Build Architects can train engineering teams on Continuous Integration and Delivery processes that increase test coverage, decrease time-to-production.

Our Dev Ops team will manage any migration for you, and script large-scale cloud deployments for ultimate environment availability and scale.

Let's talk about how Practiv can take you from cloud-ready to cloud-native.

Our latest, largest project was building a bank for a customer from the ground up. From strategy and vendor selection, to full platform build and go-to-market delivery. Practiv is at the forefront of contemporary bank technology.

We've delivered cloud platforms for traditional banks and financial services companies, instilling our contemporary build pipelines and run platforms for customers, teaching them to maintain and manage the platform themselves, then either handing it over, or maintaing a long term maintenance and support contract.

Our architects and senior engineers understand banking environments, and have spent plenty of time working through fundamental changes in software delivery patterns to facilitate more nimble business change.

We're startup guys. Our founders and senior team have all scaled and existed successful startups, it's what drives our outcome and consumer experience focus.

Our enterprise customers actually call us in because they want that startup, cloud-native culture and technology infused in a traditional technology world, and we're pretty good at helping them get there.

If you have and early stage, or any-scale company that has found product-market fit, and you need someone to help you scale, we've got you. We offer everything from patterns and processes that speed up your software delivery, to full management so you can focus on your customers.

It doesn't have to cost the earth, our engagements start with a one-day workshop, and our SRE services at just USD 2,000 / month.

If there's one industry we've delivered to more than any other, it's Insurance. Practiv has delivered significant business change to some of the world's largest insurers.

From Consumer Acquisition to live Rating and Quoting, Practiv delivers beautiful consumer engagement backed by powerful rules engines at scale.

We've engineered large B2B interfaces for banks and brokers, and integrated industry standard policy management and customer service back-ends.

Let's talk about how our Architects, Design and Delivery teams, and cloud-hosted Platform can increase revenue, speed-to-market and operational efficiency while driving out cost.

The face of transportation technology is changing rapidly, with customers demanding fast, contemporary interfaces and live information about their deliveries, or they'll take their business elsewhere.

Many of our architects and senior engineers have years of experience in the transportation domain, and our outcome driven focus and pragmatism gels well with the industry.

We have delivered whole transport management solutions, customer portals, integrations, and business process platforms for customers who need their platforms to be up, and stable 100% of the time, otherwise deliveries miss their targets.

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